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Do what you do best

Zwart works with many of the largest consulting engineers and contractors, both nationally and internationally. These include BAM International, Croon Wolter & Dros, Engie, Heijmans, Strukton amongst others. Relationships and trust that has been built up over years and in some cases decades. In all cases with a deep respect for each other’s core capabilities. Ours is emergency power. It is what we do and have been doing for almost 90 years. It’s a complex world but it is our world, and along the way we have delivered some 7,000 projects.

Zwart prefers to get involved at the earliest possible stage in a project – that way we can use our experience and expertise to help our partners deliver the best solution, in terms of quality, cost, risk and performance.  We are open, transparent and always straightforward; emergency power is what we do; advisers and installers can rest assured that their emergency power solution is in good hands.

Every emergency power system is unique

Power is power, but no two emergency power systems are the same. The generating capacity requirements, the priorities that need to be made in the power supply, the interaction with other internal systems and processes, the space and circumstances under which the installation will operate; these are all elements that make every system unique. Zwart distinguishes itself as a specialist in integrated all-round emergency power solutions: from advice and design to building and installation. Followed by service and maintenance in order to keep the system in tip-top condition.

Professionals in project management

We manage your project professionally, from start to finish. We are involved in every step and maintain an overview to ensure we deliver on our customers and our own high standards.

Maintenance plan

As with all systems on stand-by, ready to spring into action whenever required, they need regular maintenance and testing to ensure they work perfectly when required. This is carried out by our service team, who are trained to check all aspects of your system.

What you are looking for and what you will find
  • The very best experts in emergency power
  • The very best emergency power solution
  • Independent operators who are result-focused
  • In budget and on time
What you will experience
  • We do what we promise
  • Cooperation is in our DNA
  • Prevention of failure costs
  • Open and honest communication
What you should also know
  • We do what we promise
  • Cooperation is in our DNA
  • Prevention of failure costs
  • Open and honest communication
Reliable partner

We make sure it works. Anywhere. At any time.

The Dar es Salaam International airport in Tanzania is growing fast. BAM International was recently awarded the contract to realise the airport expansion and approached Zwart to deliver the 10MW integrated emergency power supply system. The project included some unique challenges and that is precisely when Zwart is at its best. Four existing, uncommissioned generator sets and three new generator sets had to be built, installed and commissioned; a new control system to manage all seven generator sets had to be installed and commissioned.

With over 25 years of experience in Tanzania, long established relationships with local partners and our extensive control system expertise, we ensured that the integrated emergency power supply system was realised on time, on budget and with the quality our customers have come to expect from Zwart.

If you have a question about emergency power then feel free to put the challenge to Jos Rijs, who will be happy to show you where Zwart can make a difference. Call +31 (0)255 530 304

Jos Rijs

Account Manager

+31(0)255 530 304

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