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An emergency power system designed for you
Quality throughout the process

Power is power, but no two emergency power systems are the same. The generating capacity requirements, the priorities that need to be made in the power supply, the interaction with other internal systems and processes, the space and circumstances under which the installation will operate; these are all elements that make every system unique.

Our Engineering team are experts in all aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering. The Zwart in-house design office has all the professional tools including AutoCad, Inventor and BIM.

Zwart distinguishes itself as a specialist in integrated all-round emergency power solutions: from advice and design to building and installation. Followed by service and maintenance in order to keep the system in tip-top condition. This means we manage your project professionally, from start to finish. We are involved in every step and maintain an overview to ensure we deliver on our customers and our own high standards.

Our input

It starts with a requirement…

An emergency power system is an essential component of almost every major facility. It is a topic that arises as soon as an architect and project developer start designing. Zwart likes to be brought in on the specification description at the earliest possible stage. This allows us to contribute our expertise, avoid failure costs and enhance the quality of the solution.

Integrated approach

As we are responsible for the entire emergency power system we have many years of experience in aspects outside the core emergency power system. Aspects such as cooling techniques, ventilation and noise aspects are integrated as a matter of course. From the start.

Factory test

Does the system do what it has to do

The system must be capable of doing what is required of it in a given situation. Even before we prepare the emergency power system for installation at your site we will invite you to attend a so-called factory acceptance test or FAT test.

SAT-test on location

Testing after installation

After the FAT test at our workshop in IJmuiden we will also do a SAT test once the system is installed on-site to check that it is working properly and is generating the emergency power required.

Periodical examination

SCIOS inspections

By law the system’s engine and fuel components must be inspected every two to four years.

Meet Jos

If you haven’t met Jos Rijs yet then it’s high time you get acquainted so you can find out about the essence of the design and engineering process.

Jos Rijs

Account Manager

+31(0)255 530 304

We offer all in one solutions

Drawing, engineering, building, realizing and installing an installation is a project with a clear head and tail. At least for us. We know exactly what is needed in which phase. How one phase can seamlessly connect with another. Our internal processes are also closely aligned. And in the meantime we keep the customer informed step by step where we stand. That is project management the Zwart way.

Design and Engineering

An emergency power system designed for you. Quality throughout the process.

Installation and commissioning

It's only done when it's done. Accurate throughout the process.

Service and maintenance

Tip-top condition. State-of-the-art service.

When it matters most

Reliable backup from Zwart

With over 7,000 projects in more than 50 countries in the field of emergency power and off-grid solutions, Zwart has an outstanding track record, throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. There is a reason why the biggest data centres and financial institutions in Europe as well as major airports and mobile networks rely on Zwart; Our 100 in-house trained professionals are qualified to design, engineer, realise and maintain integrated and complete systems for emergency power supply. And we have been doing so for over 90 years.

We set the bar high for ourselves and demand the same from our partners and suppliers; we work exclusively with premium quality products and service providers, we assemble the systems at our own 6,000-square metre site in Ijmuiden and subject them to a rigorous testing and inspection program before releasing them. Our customers also receive the same high level of attention through training and knowledge sharing our training centre equipped with a state-of-the-art simulator.

More about Zwart

If you haven’t met Jos Rijs yet then it’s high time you get acquainted so you can find out about the essence of the design and engineering process. Call +31 (0)255 530 304

Jos Rijs

Account Manager

+31(0)255 530 304

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