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No power is not an option
The right solution, every time

For nearly a century now Zwart has been the go-to expert in all-round integrated emergency power solutions for the most complex and vital situations. Emergency power for  hyperscale data centres, major steel companies, global financial institutions and telecom providers: the kind of customers we serve every day. Our 100 emergency power experts are based in IJmuiden in the Netherlands. At our 6,000-square metre site the integrated emergency power solutions are built and undergo rigorous testing in our facilities.

Experts in off-grid

Many of the world’s most remote areas do not have or cannot afford a public electricity grid. A smart and efficient off-grid power system from Zwart, such as solar power combined with battery storage and a generator, means that an African village or factory can have a reliable source of electricity. In Tanzania alone Zwart has installed tens of power plants over the last 25 years as part of the government’s rural electrification program.

Solutions that last decades

Zwart emergency power solutions are designed to last a lifetime. We design for operation, we carry out periodic maintenance, updates and revisions to ensure that the installation stays in optimal condition, and, where required, we carry out modifications to ensure the system continues to comply with changing standards and legislation.

No Surprises

The Zwart solution should have no surprises. Before commissioning on-site all our solutions will undergo a comprehensive factory acceptance test (FAT) at our facilities. This test ensures our solution delivers the performance promised. You don’t like surprises. And neither do we.

Continuous Improvement

At Zwart we have our feet firmly on the ground but that doesn’t stop us from learning from other sectors such as the aircraft industry. Condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance and remote monitoring are all developments our customers have come to expect from Zwart. Efficient, cost-effective and safe.

Emergency power systems

The optimal solution for every situation

Emergency power systems come in many shapes and sizes and our solutions are based on generator sets varying from 5 to 5000 kVA. As an independent power solutions provider with links to all major engine and alternator providers we have the freedom to select the best combination for your specific situation.

Emergency power systems
Hybrid systems

Connecting communities

Our hybrid off-grid plants power communities and businesses  in developing countries. A combination of solar power and diesel generators (sometimes combined with battery storage) ensures that electricity is generated in the most energy-efficient and economical way.

Hybrid power systems
Off-grid systems

Power Anywhere

Our off-grid power plants are trusted to deliver power in the most challenging environments throughout the world. We provide communities, businesses and utilities with a reliable source of power in places where the electricity grid is unreliable or not present.

Off grid systems
Offshore generators

Plain sailing with Zwart

An emergency power installation at sea is the same as any other, except for one major thing: it is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions encountered offshore. These locations are often unmanned and are obviously not easy to get to. But even in these challenging conditions, it’s plain sailing with Zwart.

Offshore generators
No-break systems

What’s in a name? No-break systems

A no-break system provides an uninterrupted supply of power even in the event of a grid failure. No-break, as the name suggests, means ensuring that all systems and processes can continue to operate, even when there is a power outage.

No-break systems
Control systems

The beating heart

The power fails and the emergency power system kicks in immediately. Vital departments should not even be aware of the outage. An operating theatre must have uninterrupted power, the doors of a prison must stay locked and trading must continue on the financial markets. But it could be that the coffee machines stop working for a little while.

Control systems

We offer all in one solutions

Drawing, engineering, building, realizing and installing an installation is a project with a clear head and tail. At least for us. We know exactly what is needed in which phase. How one phase can seamlessly connect with another. Our internal processes are also closely aligned. And in the meantime we keep the customer informed step by step where we stand. That is project management the Zwart way.

Design and Engineering

An emergency power system designed for you. Quality throughout the process.

Installation and commissioning

It's only done when it's done. Accurate throughout the process.

Service and maintenance

Tip-top condition. State-of-the-art service.

When it matters most

Reliable backup from Zwart

With over 7,000 projects in more than 50 countries in the field of emergency power and off-grid solutions, Zwart has an outstanding track record, throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. There is a reason why the biggest data centres and financial institutions in Europe as well as major airports and mobile networks rely on Zwart; Our 100 in-house trained professionals are qualified to design, engineer, realise and maintain integrated and complete systems for emergency power supply. And we have been doing so for over 90 years.

We set the bar high for ourselves and demand the same from our partners and suppliers; we work exclusively with premium quality products and service providers, we assemble the systems at our own 6,000-square metre site in Ijmuiden and subject them to a rigorous testing and inspection program before releasing them. Our customers also receive the same high level of attention through training and knowledge sharing our training centre equipped with a state-of-the-art simulator.

More about Zwart

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