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Planes, trains and automobiles

Trains without power, planes that can’t take off or land and bridges that cannot be opened or closed. A power outage of a country’s critical infrastructure can cause chaos and endanger lives. Which is why emergency power supply systems from Zwart are the back-up of choice in critical infrastructure around the world. So when a power outage occurs, the critical equipment continues to function and the planes, trains and automobiles continue on their way. Nobody knows that the outage actually happened, except you and Zwart of course.

24/7 365 days per year

Critical infrastructure doesn’t sleep or have a day off. Millions of people depend on it every day and night of the year. With a Zwart emergency power installation peace of mind is guaranteed. We understand that building, installing and servicing an emergency power system in a critical facility also brings its challenges. So whether it requires a temporary parallel solution, out of hours support or intervention we are there 24/7/365 just like you.

Demand for emergency power is increasing

The strain on the electricity grid is increasing through higher demand and fluctuating supply. At the same time the always online world of today is more and more dependent on a stable electricity supply. Grid instability is increasing and the consequences of an outage are larger than ever. A Zwart emergency power solution ensures the risk of an outage impacting your business are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Critical and therefore 24/7 Zwart

Critical infrastructure is ever evolving. Airports build new terminals, ICT systems get replaced or upgraded. Complexity increases and along with it the requirement for an emergency power solution you can trust. A Zwart solution, one that can evolve as your facility evolves. And as it evolves, our service organisation is there to support you with our preventative maintenance programs and a comprehensive 24/7 coverage.

What you will find
  • Complete integrated emergency power solutions
  • The experts in emergency power
  • Hundreds of reference projects
  • Global experience
What you will experience
  • 100 of the best professionals
  • Project management from start to finish
  • A Single point of contact
  • A responsive service organisation
What you should also know
  • We deliver on time and on budget
  • Transparent and timely communications
  • No unpleasant surprises
Reliable partner

We make sure it works. Anywhere. At any time.

The airport at Dar es Salaam in Tanzania is growing fast. BAM International secured the contract to realise the airport expansion and brought in Zwart for the 10MW integrated emergency power supply system. The project combined many different elements and that is precisely when Zwart is at its best. Four existing and three new generator sets (of different brands) had to work together and be built and commissioned; a new control system had to be installed and also brought on stream.

Our on-the-ground knowledge of Tanzania, relationships with local partners and the decades of experience held by our emergency power experts ensured that the integrated emergency power supply system was realised on time, in budget and without a hitch.

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