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A matter of lives
We (take) care

Of all the facilities that require a reliable power supply, a hospital is probably the most important. In many cases, literally a matter of life or death. At Zwart we understand that.

Many hospitals rely on Zwart emergency power installations to ensure that vital departments such as Intensive Care and the operating theatres are not impacted by a power outage.

In several hospitals Zwart has installed special no-break installations to address the unique requirements of certain facilities.

Our service team is also familiar with the special requirements of many healthcare facilities. We carry out regular periodic checks, we ensure that testing and inspections cause no interruptions to normal services and our 24/7 service ensures we have support on site fast, wherever you are.

Almost a century of experience

With 90 years of experience in complex emergency power systems we usually know exactly what our customers require – in many cases before they do. What is needed, what works, whatever the application. Knowledge and experience rooted in the 20th century, but with both feet firmly in the 21st century.

Clear communication

A Zwart project usually has one person responsible for the delivery throughout the life of the project. This person has the knowledge and experience to realize a project successfully from start to finish. He or she orchestrates the various disciplines and provides a regular proactive update on progress and any issues to be addressed. Openly and honestly.

Law and regulations

Legislation and standards related to emissions (including noise, NOx and CO2,) are ever evolving. At Zwart we stay abreast of current and planned changes that can have an impact on your installation. That way we can ensure your installation always complies with the law and regulations of the country you operate in.

Do you have a question about emergency power in your organization? Jos Rijs has many years of experience and can answer any query you have.

Jos Rijs

Account Manager

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