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Performance in extreme conditions
Plain sailing with Zwart

An emergency power installation at sea is the same as any other, except for one major thing: it is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions encountered offshore. These locations are often unmanned and are obviously not easy to get to. But even in these challenging conditions, it’s plain sailing with Zwart. Our generators are typically specified with special coatings or even stainless steel components and comply with all required certification requirements for maritime applications, including DNVGL, ABS and Lloyds.

Experts in wind farms

Zwart has extensive experience in emergency power systems for wind farm platforms and have delivered projects in Germany, Denmark, France and in the Netherlands. Our emergency power supply ensures that the safety systems on offshore substations continue to operate if the power between the shore and the platform fails. On wind turbines  our systems make sure that the turbines return to a neutral position in the event of a system failure.

Fully equipped and trained Zwart team

Working at sea, at a wind farm or on an offshore platform demands more from our people. They have the required safety certification (i.e. BOSIET and working at height) and have been trained to work safely in an offshore environment.

Reliable partner

Emergency power system and maintenance at ‘Deense bocht’ wind farm

The emergency power system for the transformer station at the ‘Deense bocht’ wind farm is one of Zwart’s: from design and manufacture to installation. In the event of a grid failure the system ensures that the blades can be returned to the neutral position to enable a restart of the wind farm. It also ensures an uninterrupted power supply to the wind farm island. Systems for wind farms like this one comply with the strictest legislation and regulations applicable to tough maritime and offshore environments. The system was completely tailor-made for this wind farm. The control system is handled by ‘Vattenfallground control’ and it really is ground – i.e. onshore – control in the case of this unmanned power system.

Zwart also takes care of the periodic maintenance of the system. And in the event of an outage a fully trained Zwart engineer who is certified to work in this type of conditions will be on-site within two to four hours. Flown in by helicopter.

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