Connecting the world
20 years experience

Our power plants ensure that there is reliable and stable electricity in rural and remote areas. A large area in Tanzania has access to power thanks to Zwart. Many countries in the Middle-East rely on a Zwart off-grid power solution for their mobile networks. Our specialists have realised more than one hundred of these large-scale projects around the world. They involve using generators to produce electricity locally. In many cases in combination with off-grid solar panels and where possible battery storage. We do this in Europe and far beyond.

Suppliers to industry and utilities

We supply our off-grid power plants to industry and utility companies, in remote areas in Europe and in the African continent. We have trusted partners in various countries who can install and service our integrated power solutions.

Fuel the local economy

Power enables entrepreneurship to flourish in a village or region. The investment needed to connect to the grid is often too great, in which case an off-grid power plant provides the perfect solution. As the local economy grows over the years, connetion to the public grid can always be reconsidered.


There are various ‘places’ wehe you might come across Zwart’s off-grid solutions. We can provide an all-round solution, from start to finish. Or leverage our network and valuable experience on your behalf.

What you are looking for
  • We do what we promise
  • It will be 100% fine
  • No unpleasant surprises
  • Open and honest communication
What you will experience
  • We do what we promise
  • It will be 100% fine
  • No unpleasant surprises
  • Open and honest communication
What you should also know
  • We never go over budget
  • Transparent and timely communications
  • Most of our people have been with us for over 10 years
Control system

Everything under control with the Hycon One

Our control system, the Hycon One, combines several power technologies. All sources operate at maximum efficiency. Solar power when there is enough sun, the generator at night or on cloudy days. With a possibility to switch to battery storage, if available, when needed. All set to fully automatic. With low emissions in mind and as cost consciously as possible.


fully automatic control system

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