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Industrial installations

Safe, reliable, powerful

One of the worlds’s largest steel companies, a global petrochemical giant or a multinational food manufacturing company – to name just a few – all rely on a Zwart emergency power system for when it matters most. Processes interruptions in these industries can have a massive impact on safety, the environment and costs. Zwart’s emergency power systems ensure that the consequences of a power outage are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Powerful combination of expertise and trust

At Zwart we are recognised for our expertise and broad capabilities. Our custom designs offer exactly the right solution for your situation. Our solutions can work with different types of fuel or hybrid technologies and our control systems ensure the right priorities are made when the emergency power is activated. Reliability, quality, compliance, performance; all key criteria upon which Zwart does not compromise in the design and operation of your solution.

Decades of experience

We have decades of experience in installing emergency power systems in industrial environments: including some of the world’s largest distribution centres, steel works, petrochemical plants. Each site has its own challenges, regulations, standards and specifications. We have the knowledge to deliver the right solution for your facility.

It’s in the details

A trusted solution comes first, that’s obvious. Your emergency power generator has to work. But we also make sure that the quality is more than skin deep. High quality components, cable routing, paint quality amongst other things. All according to our standard. The Zwart standard.

What you are looking for and what you will find
  • The very best experts in emergency power
  • The very best emergency power solution
  • Professionals who love complexity
  • Global playing field and network
What you will experience
  • We do what we promise
  • It will be 100% fine
  • No unpleasant surprises
  • Open and honest communication
What you should also know
  • Our professionals are trained in-house by us
  • Most have been working in this field for over 10 years
  • Our workshop covers an area of 6,000 square metres
  • In-house testing and training facility
Reliable partner

Parallel testing during production

The testing of a complex and integrated system for emergency power supply should cause minimal or no disruption to the processes. And should certainly not cause a production shutdown. This did happen with the cooling system at the Solvay plant in Bad Wimpfen, Germany. Thanks to the new emergency power system from Zwart testing can now take place separately from operations. We signed to provide a system that complies with the latest control technologies for integration with an existing system; the system s compliant with TUV standard VDE-AR-N-4105.

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