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The optimal solution for every situation

Emergency power systems come in many shapes and sizes and our solutions are based on generator sets varying from 5 to 5000 kVA. As an independent power solutions provider with links to all major engine and alternator providers we have the freedom to select the best combination for your specific situation. In addition to the genset itself our solutions can include a custom control system, ultra-low noise containers and canopies, additional emissions control equipment and other custom tailoring to ensure that the solution will be perfectly suited to your situation. All designed, built and tested to the highest standards at our production facility in Ijmuiden in the Netherlands.

Open, transparent and sometimes blunt

Working with Zwart means open, straightforward communication. Sometimes blunt but always clear. We like it that way. Working together openly and honestly. And if things do not go according to plan, we’ll tell you (or you tell us). Then we sort it out and move forward – with the same, shared, clear objective of delivering a high quality solution, on time and on budget.

Almost a century of expertise in emergency power

With over 7000 gensets installed and over 100 experts, we believe that our experience and expertise is second to none. Our experts include high-voltage certified technicians, Certified Datacenter Specialists, SCIOS-certified inspectors and more. Emergency power is not something you can just learn in school, it’s a profession you learn with us. By working on and learning in in detail, about every aspect of an emergency power plant.

No challenge too big

Whereas others might think “I’ll pass on that” when they hear the word ‘complex’, we think “bring it on.” The bigger and more complex the challenge, the more we like it. It’s where we can make a difference and demonstrate our innovating thinking and practical solutions. Because big and complex doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Which means it won’t be for you, either.

When it matters most

Reliable backup from Zwart

With over 7,000 projects in more than 50 countries in the field of emergency power and off-grid solutions, Zwart has an outstanding track record, throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. There is a reason why the biggest data centres and financial institutions in Europe as well as major airports and mobile networks rely on Zwart; Our 100 in-house trained professionals are qualified to design, engineer, realise and maintain integrated and complete systems for emergency power supply. And we have been doing so for over 90 years.

We set the bar high for ourselves and demand the same from our partners and suppliers; we work exclusively with premium quality products and service providers, we assemble the systems at our own 6,000-square metre site in Ijmuiden and subject them to a rigorous testing and inspection program before releasing them. Our customers also receive the same high level of attention through training and knowledge sharing our training centre equipped with a state-of-the-art simulator.

More about Zwart

If you have a question about emergency power then feel free to put the challenge to Jos Rijs, who will be happy to show you where Zwart can make a difference. Call +31 (0)255 530 304

Jos Rijs

Account Manager

+31(0)255 530 304

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