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Critical Spare Parts

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Due to the increasing pressure on the electricity grid and at the same time the demand in many sectors for a higher power availability, emergency generator sets are becoming a higher priority for most organizations. A failing genset can be a major expense for your company, let alone if it is out of order for a longer time.

Ways to increase the availability of your genset are by doing:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Pro-active maintenance

In the unfortunate case of a breakdown, having a response time contract with Zwart ensures that our technicians will be on location within due time for Corrective maintenance.

On site spare parts

In some occasions however, parts are needed for a repair of the genset, which might not be in stock. These parts can have lead times of several weeks to even months. In these occasions you want to have that part in stock. So if the situation arises, the generator set can be put back in operation shortly.

In summary; You never want to be in a situation where you’d have to use a critical spare part, but when you are, that part has to be on site.

Deciding on which parts you want to have in stock should be an informed choice. Firstly it should be clear what your motives are for having the spare parts.

The main reasons why most clients decide on having Critical Spare Parts are:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Decreasing downtime
  • Cost optimization
Critical Spare Parts


With previous points in mind, a definition of a Critical Spare Part should be made. Critical Spare Parts can defined as follows:

High Impact

Failure of part has an immediate impact on the system.


Does not include parts which, if failing, lead to a catastrophic failure of the system.


Does not include consumable parts that are already held in stock (often on location).

Customer Story


‘Recently we had a failing genset controller in one of our Tier III datacenters. This resulted in immediate downtime for our control system. Because we had a responsetime contract and had selected this critical spare part with Zwart previously, Zwart was able to install a pre-configured controller immediately on site.

Zwart is company that we can rely on when it matters most. We are very happy that they were able to solve this issue for us on such short notice. This meant we only had a fraction of the asset downtime we would have otherwise had and reassured our client we are on top of things.’

Aernout de Beurme


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